Privacy Policy

1 - The personal information, credentials and address information of each user who is a member of is kept very confidential and cannot be accessed by the person and the organization. This information cannot be shared in any way by

2 - Our members are obliged to give correct answers to questions about contact information to be asked during registration.

3 - also keeps track of all new and old records made, the risk department in this regard controls including the necessary IP controls. The ip number you have logged in is stored and stored in our database.

4 - In the event of a dispute, reserves the right to request an address verification certificate and identity. In the event that the user does not receive the requested documents, has the right to prevent users from making any transactions (bets, deposits, withdrawals, etc.) ( If you enter an incorrect number, you may not receive sms and your withdrawal may be delayed. fixed by paying.) 

5 - The user has the right to close the account if he / she.

6 - recommends users to change their password at equal intervals and to have at least 8 digits and letters and numbers in terms of user security.